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18 08, 2007

Effective Blog Promotion

Bobby at Bestest Blog of All Time did some neat work earlier in the year getting another blog of mine “off the ground” and exposed to a remarkably wide readership. Apparently more people are resorting to getting their information from blogs than traditional websites these days – which is one way of saying

18 08, 2007

Network Heaven Video

18 08, 2007

Sometimes the Poor are Our Best Example

stallholderI have been fortunate enough to be able to visit some of the places where we have donated goods. Its a useful way to be able to give feedback to the donors. And one way I can understand how best to direct our resources. On one of

14 08, 2007

Advertising Network Heaven – Spread the Word

I will work out how this should be slotted into the side bar once I get my head around WordPress a bit more. But in the meantime we have started getting some advertising about Network Heaven out on to the internet. If you have a blog or website that you are happy to link up

13 08, 2007

Case Study: As Simple as an Unwanted Camera

old-ladyLast year I was able to send my old expensive Minolta camera (purchased 1989 for about $500) with fancy zoom lens etc to Sri Lanka. The camera had not got much use however, I discovered several years ago that moisture had got into the lens (purely by

13 08, 2007

Case Study: It’s Easy to Make a Difference

man-with-scalesLast year 2006 I had the opportunity of sending my old scanner (which was over 7+ years old) to Sri Lanka because it became redundant. The scanner had been purchased with a PC, Printer + Scanner in 1999. The printer became dysfunctional and I replaced it with

13 08, 2007

Gifts Make it to Cambodia

This is really intended as a photoblog – gifts collected in January have made it through to some young girls at an orphanage in Cambodia. In addition to these gifts, sent from a company in Sydney, volunteers made up gift packs which contained a few surprises for the girls.

Aside from the gifts you can see

13 08, 2007

Volunteers Make this Work

orphan-boys Originally Posted 13 January 2007

Saturday morning and a small group of friends and neighbours (one from as far afield as the UK) drop by to help package goods for dispatch. Cup of coffee and some cake fuel the process. But the real fuel is a passion

13 08, 2007

Bethlehem Creche

sister-with-baby First posted 8 January 2007

Sister Florella holds one of the new babes that are cared for at the Crèche. Their future is uncertain because it is difficult to break the poverty cycle into which the children are born. They are lovingly cared for by the staff

13 08, 2007

Welcome to Network Heaven

woman-with-very-littleWe first posted our activities on a shared “Spaces” site but as of today have set our blog up on a dedicated service with its own URL. Hopefully that gives us a little more control over the look and feel of the site.

Why use a blog? Well,

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