old-ladyLast year I was able to send my old expensive Minolta camera (purchased 1989 for about $500) with fancy zoom lens etc to Sri Lanka. The camera had not got much use however, I discovered several years ago that moisture had got into the lens (purely by storing it in a dress cupboard). I had inquired into the cost to fix it and had put it in the “too hard basket”. My friend Sr Alex (Sisters of Charity) asked if I had such a camera. So I sent the Minolta to Sri Lanka. I later had word back that the camera was fixed (without much of a problem) and is now being used by a young man who lost everything in the tsunami and is being used to earn a living.

Do you have any “digital camera” or functional goods quality camera that is redundant & sitting in a cupboard? I’d love to hear from you.

Another need?

Do you have any small transistor radio’s? They can be put to good use too. There are many elderly folk in care who would greatly benefit. I recently picked up a transistor radio on the foot path in my street (in perfect working order).