man-with-scalesLast year 2006 I had the opportunity of sending my old scanner (which was over 7+ years old) to Sri Lanka because it became redundant. The scanner had been purchased with a PC, Printer + Scanner in 1999. The printer became dysfunctional and I replaced it with another printer/scanner which cost about $100.

I had the opportunity of sending the now obsolete scanner to my contact Father Noel Dias a Lecturer in Law who gladly put it to good use. I recently found out that my little scanner is the only scanner at the Law Faculty at the University of Colombo! Students and staff alike are glad to use it. It really brought home to me how we take things for granted. It also greatly encourages me to hear these stories of success.

I have another scanner (donated by DGM International) which I plan to send across to my contact as there are many needs he is aware of. This Company recently replaced some items (all in working order) and offered them to me.

Do you happen to have a multi media unit which is now redundant (but in working order)? Father Noel would like to be able to use it for presentations, meetings, lectures, showing DVD’s etc to students and Lecturers etc? This item has been specifically requested and if you know of anyone wishing to donate then please contact the blog?