15 01, 2018

The Case of the Stranger

You put together a huge number of packages for people who are strangers to you. You were ‘father and mother’ to them with your gifts.  Here are some of them saying thank you and wishing you a very happy happy new year.

19 12, 2016

Your 2016 Gifts – some Images and Stories to Encourage

It’s not always possible to see the benefits of our gifts to charity. Network Heaven is a little different  – we usually get pictures and notes from recipients outlining what a difference your gifts have made. Click on these images for more detail on where and how your gifts have made a difference.

5 10, 2016

246!! Not Just any Number


Is that a record? Each year it feels like we have set a record effort as we bundle up the gifts for Sri Lanka. This year was no exception and we have just shipped 246 cartons out the door at Frenchs Forest. And we did that

26 03, 2010

You can Aid our Development

Aid is one thing, and for which we are all grateful. It remains a key part of our program. But building self sustaining enterprises which support people for the long term is an important goal of Network Heaven as well. We have seen success with the mushroom farms. And our contacts in Sri Lanka advise

8 10, 2007

Macquarie Bank Parcels

This year I was really touched by the interest that the big corporates took in our project. And not only did they support this with gifts but some of their people committed days of work as well. How humbling that support is. And how grateful I was for it. They worked so hard and achieved

8 09, 2007

A Cobbler’s Tale

In 2004 a friend sent me some items together with an old, working transistor radio. I included this with the gifts going to the poor in Galle, Sri Lanka. The nun in charge always comes up with something creative when she gets one-off items, as it is often difficult to distinguish one poor family from

13 08, 2007

Case Study: As Simple as an Unwanted Camera

old-ladyLast year I was able to send my old expensive Minolta camera (purchased 1989 for about $500) with fancy zoom lens etc to Sri Lanka. The camera had not got much use however, I discovered several years ago that moisture had got into the lens (purely by

13 08, 2007

Case Study: It’s Easy to Make a Difference

man-with-scalesLast year 2006 I had the opportunity of sending my old scanner (which was over 7+ years old) to Sri Lanka because it became redundant. The scanner had been purchased with a PC, Printer + Scanner in 1999. The printer became dysfunctional and I replaced it with

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