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19 12, 2009

December 2009 Newsletter

2009-newsletter-dec-09-1The 2009 container is now in Sri Lanka so we hope to have some photos of the arrival and distribution of the parcels soon.

Now is the time when we start planning for 2010. So if you are able to help let us know – some of the

5 10, 2009

2009 Container is being prepared…

Teams of people sorting and packing all those goods so generously donated.

Here is some of the activity on the 5 October.


15 06, 2009

May 2009 Newsletter

Click here for the second edition of the RIPPLES newsletter. In particular check out the upcoming concert (28 June 2009) which is a fundraiser for the Sri Lanka effort this year.

22 12, 2008

Development – Our Next Steps

An important part of our work has been aid focused – aiming to alleviate immediate needs. But there has been great scope for us to help establish something sustainable and enduring, helping these people to develop their own income and independence. We were very fortunate to have some

2 09, 2008

Garden Project

tsunami-widows-with-green-paw-paw-paw-ready-for-saleA few photos here of some of the tsunami widows… getting back on their feet with their gardens.


8 10, 2007

Macquarie Bank Parcels

This year I was really touched by the interest that the big corporates took in our project. And not only did they support this with gifts but some of their people committed days of work as well. How humbling that support is. And how grateful I was for it. They worked so hard and achieved

8 10, 2007

A Stich in Time – A Year in Fact

My dear friend Winsome has done an amazing job over many months with her sewing machine. She has turned out more than 400 cloth bags, used by the children for carrying books and, well just about anything they turn their minds to actually. And she stitched up more than 150 cloth bags used as pencil

8 10, 2007

2007 Sri Lanka Project – Amazing Giving

This year we are sending more packages to the orphanages in Sri Lanka. And this time around we received a remarkable amount of gifts and support from all sorts of folk, including large companies and institutions. At the other end of the scale individuals have been working all year on sewing and creating gifts. A

8 09, 2007

A Cobbler’s Tale

In 2004 a friend sent me some items together with an old, working transistor radio. I included this with the gifts going to the poor in Galle, Sri Lanka. The nun in charge always comes up with something creative when she gets one-off items, as it is often difficult to distinguish one poor family from

18 08, 2007

Sometimes the Poor are Our Best Example

stallholderI have been fortunate enough to be able to visit some of the places where we have donated goods. Its a useful way to be able to give feedback to the donors. And one way I can understand how best to direct our resources. On one of

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