Bobby at Bestest Blog of All Time did some neat work earlier in the year getting another blog of mine “off the ground” and exposed to a remarkably wide readership. Apparently more people are resorting to getting their information from blogs than traditional websites these days – which is one way of saying there are an enormous number of blogs out there and personal or focused blogs can get lost in the noise – especially if you are not contributing to the global Paris Hilton titillation or some such mindless nonsense. Bobby has gone out and set up a new tool called (pronounced “feature”), a more refined blog promotional tool. If it is anything as good as his previous effort it is worth connecting up with him – which is what I am doing here. Part of my effort to get Network Heaven and its charitable work exposed as much as we can. Once you have had a look around here, left a comment of encouragement (and maybe offered some support), please head over to It will be worth the effort.