1501, 2018

The Case of the Stranger

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You put together a huge number of packages for people who are strangers to you. You were 'father and mother' to them with your gifts.  Here are some of them saying thank you and wishing you a very happy happy new year.

2911, 2017

So you Think You can’t Make A Difference?!

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In fact, it’s very easy to make a significant difference to those in need. Here is a fantastic example. Someone kindly and generously donated some golfing umbrellas (THANKYOU!) no longer needed. Instead of ending up as landfill they are used to the benefit of  street cobblers and vegetable stall holders in Sri Lanka. As you can see, the floor is their shelf and the umbrella is more than two days wages at least! The benefit of the umbrellas? Simple really – these are the roofs of those who have the most simple of shops, keeping sun (mainly) and rain from them. It makes a huge difference for these folk, who would otherwise not be able to afford this sort of protection .  There are a few photos below to show you the impact of this simple donation.

2808, 2017

To Sri Lanka With Love 2017 (July Newsletter)

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Yup, it's already a year since our last container went out. Only seems like yesterday and we were packing the last lot of boxes and closing the doors on the 2016 container. At the end of each of these marathons we relax for a moment and think to ourselves "another year before we do that

1912, 2016

Your 2016 Gifts – some Images and Stories to Encourage

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It's not always possible to see the benefits of our gifts to charity. Network Heaven is a little different  - we usually get pictures and notes from recipients outlining what a difference your gifts have made. Click on these images for more detail on where and how your gifts have made a difference.

510, 2016

2016 Photos

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Two friends who discovered they were at primary school together - more years ago than is safe to publish! We generate a lot of packing 'waste' - without the help of these guys we would vanish under it all. Overflowing out of the hall as goods are sorted, packed and readied for final packing in

510, 2016

246!! Not Just any Number

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Is that a record? Each year it feels like we have set a record effort as we bundle up the gifts for Sri Lanka. This year was no exception and we have just shipped 246 cartons out the door at Frenchs Forest. And we did that only because we had so many remarkable people who

2508, 2016

Packing Timetable

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We say it every year, and we are saying it again this year - where has the year gone? No sooner is one shipment away than we are getting ready to handle another one. This year our packing timetable is Saturday 24 Sept to Thursday 29 Sept 2016. Prior bookings for students are essential. Location

2508, 2016

July 2016 Newsletter

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Another year of exciting news out of our ‘projects’ in Sri Lanka. We love that…

411, 2015

236 Cartons to Sri Lanka in 2015 – A Record!

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With the help of a huge ‘army’ of people we completed packing 236 cartons that will be shipped to Sri Lanka. Praise God for His provision .. and compassion towards those in need. My special and humble thanks to each and everyone of you. The highlights: A record number of boxes – 236 was packed

410, 2015

Rotary Club Trivia Night Fundraiser

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We are so blessed to have the support of the Belrose Rotary Club who are hosting a Trivia Night to help us raise funds to support the work in Sri Lanka. It is on Saturday the 7th November - check the details by downloading the brochure here. The answer to the first trivia question: Yes,

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