503, 2011

March 2011 Newsletter

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With the safe arrival of the 2010 container and the goods distributed we have much to be thankful for. Our latest newsletter covers off some of stories related to the gifts you so kindly donated, packed and sent. 2011-march-newsletter.pdf

2908, 2010

August 2010 Newsletter

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It is a bit hard to believe that the year has rolled around so quickly and that we are once again gathering up goods, moving boxes up to the hall and sorting gifts. We barely seem to be through last years exercise. The August newsletter let's you know what is (and has been happening). Have

2603, 2010

You can Aid our Development

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Aid is one thing, and for which we are all grateful. It remains a key part of our program. But building self sustaining enterprises which support people for the long term is an important goal of Network Heaven as well. We have seen success with the mushroom farms. And our contacts in Sri Lanka advise

1912, 2009

December 2009 Newsletter

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The 2009 container is now in Sri Lanka so we hope to have some photos of the arrival and distribution of the parcels soon. Now is the time when we start planning for 2010. So if you are able to help let us know – some of the areas we need to start working on

510, 2009

2009 Container is being prepared…

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Teams of people sorting and packing all those goods so generously donated. Here is some of the activity on the 5 October.

109, 2009

August 2009 Newsletter

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All the kids in the picture live on a plantation. They are some of the poorest paid workers in the country, working in what they call 'low country tea' estates. Have a look here for all you ever wanted to know about production of tea in Sri Lanka. It is that time of the year

1506, 2009

May 2009 Newsletter

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Click here for the second edition of the RIPPLES newsletter. In particular check out the upcoming concert (28 June 2009) which is a fundraiser for the Sri Lanka effort this year.

2203, 2009

February 2009 Newsletter

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Click here for the first edition of the RIPPLES newsletter. See what you have done and understand how you can still help.

2212, 2008

Development – Our Next Steps

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An important part of our work has been aid focused – aiming to alleviate immediate needs. But there has been great scope for us to help establish something sustainable and enduring, helping these people to develop their own income and independence. We were very fortunate to have some funds recently donated which have been used

209, 2008

Garden Project

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A few photos here of some of the tsunami widows... getting back on their feet with their gardens.

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